Taking Chances

 I just realized how I missed to have a proper introduction of myself when I first officially launched my blog. I know that this is my 100th post now and you may think that it's too late to tell you about the lady behind speak and style but I'd like to grab this chance to tell you who I really am.
 One thing that pushed me to create a blog of my own was when I was too obsessed with lookbook. Lookbook, in case you don't know, is the paradise of the fashionistas where they post the outfits that they wear everyday. Due to my obsession, I've had this personal picks like Anaztasia Siantar, Ebba Zingmark, Andy Torres, Chiara Ferragni, and our very own Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy and Tricia Gosingtian. After few days of stalking them in lookbook, I discovered that they had this blog where they keep it updated daily.
 From that daily stalking, I went on to lusting over what they are wearing, imaginary mix and matching my clothes and dream of that celebrity kind of life. I mean seeing how perfect they are, how nice their clothes are and how pretty they are I just couldn't feel anymore ecstatic and at the same time jealous. That's when I decided to create my own blog last May 2011 (gosh, I can't believe I've had this blog for two years now!). When I made my very first post, I was expecting nothing because I only wish to write my thoughts on fashion and share a part of myself to the world. When I took that chance, I know I'd be only as tiny as dot with all the fashion blogs around in the world. But I love blogging.
I know I am not the active kind of blogger due to class schedules and the lack of places to take outfit shots plus the difficulty in wearing stylish clothes since I study in a Catholic school who is very mindful with what you wear on washdays. But trust me, everyday I'm imagining themes for my imaginary photoshoots and I still continue doing my imaginary mix and matching of clothes. The only way that keeps me going to do blogging is that desire to be like my idols one day. Everyday I still visit their blogs for inspiration but sometimes it ruins my life because I get too overwhelmed with what they are achieving that I tend to rush things up!
 Now, as I remember what I read in Kryz Uy's blog when she first started blogging I realized how similar we are. I learned that she didn't have that much readers too, she was just writing because she was happy doing it. It was not yet full of outfit shots and she was just another dreamer who wishes to make a name in the world of fashion.
I'd like to thank this girl above for making a great impact in my life. She may not know me at all, but her fashion and her blog has helped me know myself and my passion. And I know the odds are too great, but I believe through persistence and hard work, I too, together with this blog will be big years from now. And perhaps somewhere out there, I could be an inspiration for other people. :)

dress: WAGW | shoes: CMG | Acessories: thrifted | HMUA: mom
 Photographer: Ushabelle Bongo 


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