Today, speak and style goes Fit and Fab! You ask me, what keeps me busy these days? It's being healthy. I have been a dieter since I started joining pageants before and honestly, I always fail. I find it to hard to stick to meal plans and structured hard core exercises. It took me many years to finally realize what I wanted to do with my body and that is: to have toned muscles and fit body. Perhaps what you see in these photos are the kind of body I want to achieve.
Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and Scarlett Johansson have something in common that I am really envy of: their body. It is no question how their toned abs and legs are so perfectly toned. Yes, you can totally search a video on YouTube and learn different exercises that these models do. However, the quest for a perfect bod doesn't really end there. It has to be a continuous process, and tedious as a matter of fact. And then here goes the horrible diet that you have to follow. No chocolates. No alcohol. No pasta. No steak. But then, can you live with really just a piece of carrots and some asparaguswhatsthatweed salad? I don't think so.

 I am so glad to tell you ladies and gents, that I have found a perfect solution for all your weight dilemmas. All these crappy fads about no wheat/all wheat, no meat/ all meat diet will finally come to an end. You will find the solutions in this book. (Click the link below to see the title of the said book =))
 And since, in this blog, we try to put fashion and function together..of course we try to make some statement outfits even during workouts! Now that sporty chic is the hottest trend in town, might as well take the opportunity to spice up our work out. 

 Nike, Adidas, Skechers and some other sports brand have rise up to stardom once again, as the Spring/Summer 2014 marks its opening with some neon leggings and varsity jackets paired with running shoes. Others try to reinvent "sporty" by wearing high heels and sweatshirts or varsity jackets. Isn't that awesome? 

 While some, like the photos above choose to pair their body con skirts or some athletic shorts with running shoes and high cut sneakers. At some point, didn't we hate sneakers and rubber shoes so much before? And find it useful during PE classes? Now is the best time to bring them out once again and wear them fashionably in the streets. Just don on some leather jackets or your favorite jeans and some cool tees or even sheer tops and you are good to go. Definitely, redefining "laid back".
And Miley also has her way of taking up the sporty style. Wearing an oversized jersey and some 5 inch heels, isn't that something? Then put a reverse cap on to complete a swag look! There, doesn't that give you an idea, next time you want to look cool outdoors? I definitely would want to try this on..but! Only if I'm in LA where no one can judge me! hahaha

Or even these, a plain high cut sneakers, plain tank tops and a statement jeans with some cardigan hanging on the hips. Simple and sleek but really stylish. I think, you can all pull this off if you got the right amount of confidence on you! Totally, would wear one too!


And now, my take on this sporty chic galore. So this is somewhat straddling between the boundaries of a youthful suburban vibe and athletic chic. There are many key pieces in the outfit, which by the way, I chose on purpose. I would love to bring back color blocking and neon over neon is perfect: the neon active jacket from nike and a electric blue pants and the color blocked running shoes from World Balance. The bag from Rebecca Minkoff is not sporty at all, which is exactly not a misfit for the whole look. It only just added the right amount of the feminine touch, trying to tell the people "Hey I'm still a lady with class alright? Even if I do Pilates, Yoga and sorts!". The multi-colored turban is just a decorative piece to glue the whole outfit. Now, is this sporty and fashionable at the same time? :D 

Tell me what you think, will be thrilled to hear from you :)


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