Alter Ego

Alter Ego
Back to virtual styling! Yessss =) So, I have been painting this picture of me in my mind wearing a leather midrib corset and a leather pencil skirt. Swooon! Gaaaash, it is so not me. Well, I am turning 19 three weeks from now and perhaps I should reinvent my fashion. No, not the Miley Cyrus thing but try to reconsider it, she has been so amazing lately ( except for her outrageous music videos). I mean, her minimalist/ hipster vibe is to die for plus that sexy bod don't you think?

So back to the outfit, I have noticed lately that this has been so trendy. And for some reason, it suits me. For one, I have been dying to wear something like this ever since high school but I am just too scared to walk on the streets wearing like this. I personally chose a Zanotti and not a Louboutin for the shoes because the new collection is darn hot! They've been combining black and gold or white and gold in every shoe, and I guess it has always been in my taste buds to fall for anything gold. And to top the look off, you have every right to put on that hot red lipstick to steal the show.

If you ask me, where is the best place to wear this? I don't know! Hahahaha. Unless, you'd be invited in some music video awards or some exclusive parties for sure you will look great in these. But it is such a no, no to wear this on some normal night outs. Please, sae yourself from judgemental eyes and maniac guys! hahahahaha. But personally, I'd like to have an outfit shot in these clothes. My 19th birthday wish :P


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