In travelling pants

  4:15 pm, touchdown Manila. It is always a good thing to do some dramatic pose for touristy photos. At least, you can grab the moment and feel like you are in some kind of a movie wherein they take candid shots of you. haha! okay, I must be imagining too much. Well, credits to my mom though because she took most of my photos for this trip. Let's talk a little about my outfit, I chose a plain white V-neck shirt and a colored pants for this trip because I need comfort when I travel. Sometimes, it is not advisable to wear your nicest clothes in the airport because they have to check you up for a thousand times. I suggest you dress down and put on your comfiest clothes whenever you are in flight!
  I just did not expect, NAIA has such humongous conveyor belts and got me really curious what would it be like to walk on those like in the runway of Louis Vuitton!

 After we checked in in the hotel, we head straight to Mall of Asia (MOA) for dinner and to meet some of our relatives and that explains why I did not have time to change outfits. LOL!
 I must say it is really huge, this is just one of the many facades of the mall and it seems like they had Mcdo, Jollibee, Starbucks, Krispee Kreme everywhere. It is too huge that you can just get lost if you don't take careful notes on the landmarks that you passed by. And if you are a shopaholic, you will love all their stores here. Though, they still don't have the famous US brands but UNIQLO, ZARA, DOROTHY PERKINS, TOPSHOP, FOREVER 21, STEVE MADDEN, ALDO, and many others will suffice your fashion cravings.
  Oh wait, did I tell you I was invited to Philippine Fashion Week? Only, I forgot to bring my VIP pass! Hahahaa, lol joke! Actually, I only remembered that it was Philippine Fashion week last week and I was so excited to when I realized the event. Too bad, I wasn't able to take a closer view and a better photo of the Freego event (it is a local based brand of jeans) but I think this one will give you an idea of what happened. Imagine the thrill of being invited to a fashion event, I was hoping to see my favorite bloggers but I guess they were not there. I took some photos of both jeans for male and female because I love you guys this much. And I only want you to have the latest happening in the fashion world :)

 This is the reception area for those who are invited in the fashion week, and they eve have some goodies for giveaways. Witnessing something like this with all people dressed up in their most stylish outfits, I can't help but picture myself going to these kind of events in the near future! hopefully, hopefully
 By the way this is my beautiful mom, who tirelessly took photos of my outfits. I should thank her for letting me come with her in Manila.

We had Pizza for dinner and I am proud to say that I actually ate that salad for my appetizer this time. It taste just right, not as bad as I thought it would me-- makes me think that I should start eating more of it. Oh and another, thing I ordered my first ladies' drink ever! Haha. joke! If ever you have seen the series Jane by Design before, I usually see her ordering a drink called Shirley Temple and I thought it was like a margarita or something but when I saw it on the menu it was on the category under Juices which made me order it to try on. Well, Shirley Temple is an interesting name and an interesting taste but it doesn't suit me at all. It was more like drinking Tempra with sprite! But you guys can try it, maybe you'd like the taste.

My first night in Manila is definitely fun and enjoying, and I had a good rest too after the tiresome day! See you on my next post :)

Outfit: V-neck shirt: Bench| Jeans: jeans| Shoes: Parisian|


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