What I want for Christmas

I want to add a glittering wedge on my shoe collection

Or a hot red stilleto to add color to my neutral collection

I also want to own a sexy piece of this backdress (been wishing for it for a year now)

Have a get together with my old and new friends

Treat myself on a SPA and have a full body massage

have some facial treatments coz i look so haggard already

I also want to spend sometime getting to know my crush

But the best of it all is to spend time with my BESTFRIEND (Rafflesia Lorame Espiritu)

My 2011 Christmas Wishlist is laid before you ladies and gentlemen. This is a quite ambitious one and expensive too but I really want this to happen to my christmas this year. I don't have to say much at all because these photos alone says it all :)


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