6 Must Have Stylish bags

Hola! I am back with my weekly list of fashion favorites. This week, I will do a rundown of my 5 favorite bags and 1 folio bag.

I shall not keep you waiting. Here are some of my personal picks:
1. Tote bags
Before, I was not really a big fan of totes because I find it too boring and too simple. But now, when my grandmother gave me a new Calvin Klein tote bag, I learned to appreciate its beauty. I realized that the essence of a tote bag is to make your everyday easy. I mean, when I used my tote bag it was really light and even if it had a lot of things inside, it is not too bulky and heavy on my shoulder. This is the main reason why tote bags are my current obsession for my daily use.

2. Bucket bag
When I first saw this bucket bag, I was not fully impressed by its design. However, what caught my attention was that there are bucket bags that are structured and made by good leather quality and that is what makes it look better. I am still on the pursuit of finding the perfect bag of this kind but so far I have not seen one yet. So, I am with holding and comments and reactions to this. haha!
3. Cross body bag

If a girl can be described by bags, I can see myself in two kinds of bags: cross body bag and sac de jeur ( see: no4). I love cross body bag because it makes me shop limitlessly and it is so easy to carry. I do not have to worry about my money or my phone because I can see it right away. On days where I am with my parents or when I am just so lazy with everything, I use my body bags and everything is smooth for me. I am not so conscious with how I look all the time so I do not need powder, lipgloss and other stuff.
4. Celine's version of structured tote bag/ sac de jeur of YSL

This is the other bag that can perfectly describe me. I can see myself going to work with this bag or going to school--whichever is applicable. I mean, I have been lasting for the Celine tote bag because it is huge ( I can put all my notebooks, pencil case, wallet and toiletries) and it is formal. This is that one bag that will match whatever you want to wear. But the downside of this structured bag is that it is too heavy when loaded with many stuff. That is why the best use of this bag is when you are going to a meeting or to class and you just have to sit all day. Haha!
5. Square bag

Another new found obsession is this squared bag. I like this bag for formal affairs or even for school This is just similar to the sac de jeur but the shapes differ. I have been eyeing for one in the mall but it is sold out already. :(

6. Folio bag

This is another obsession that I have: folio bags!!!! In case you do not know, these folio bags are very useful to OC people. I mean it puts everything in one place: neat and stylish. I wanted to one a couple of folio bags for all the things I need to organize and put in my bag but I have not seen one yet. Any suggestions where I can buy folio bags?


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