Coachella Chic

Floral Sheer dress: Blueberry Cheesecake
White Shorts: Gap
Nude Pumps: Aldo
Accessories: from my friends :D

My look is coachella inspired. A mixture of earth-toned colors with a touch of prints in it. The thing that I love about my look is that it's fashionable, chic with a touch of class in it. The sheer dress made the sexy twist in the outfit. I wore this on the last day of class for this sem for my Eng3 finals. 


  1. so chiic and cute! love your blog btw! followed :) do you think you follow back? i would love my bog to be as good as yours! xo

    1. Thank You dear! I would sure follow your blog as well :)

  2. i love your dress! you look gorgeous! i'm now following you, hope you'll follow back! :)

    1. Thanks dear! Followed you back already :)


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