Heel Advisory

As I was reading through an old Reader's Digest (March 2002) issue, I saw something that caught my eye. Something about wearing high heels, and I just thought I had to share it to you guys especially to all the heels lovers out there.

Here's the exact quote from the magazine
Women, you're not ding your legs any favours by wearing those fashionable wide-heeled shoes instead of stilleto heels, according to Harvard researchers. Using a barefoot stride for comparison, the researchers recorded the jump in knee stress as 20 women walked in shoes. Heels at least five centimeters tall-regardless of width-boosted pressure by about 24 per cent. The doctors say you're off better sticking with flats. ---

I know this is such a disappointing news, but I guess we can all still wear heels but with moderation. It isn't bad to feel tall once in a while right? :D


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  2. Thanks for your comment & I'm now following you too :)

  3. I just started following your blog & i adore it.
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    1. Thank you so much dear! And I've check out and followed your blog now too :)

  4. Great shoes! :) Just perfect for party nights :) Best wishes from Germany

  5. I hate hearing sad things about high heels! I'm barely 5 foot 2 inches tall, so I need all the height help I can get, plus I love the look of heels. I think you're right...moderation is key :)

    1. Yup me myself felt sad when I read it too. Thinking that all my life I really love to wear heels.

  6. Aww this is bad news for people who loves to wear high heeled shoes.



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