The Chess Player

Checkered is it for the season! You have seen the Louis Vuitton collection and they just rocked the checkered mania. Hail to the rise of prints because we can be more stylish now than ever. I chose to wear this ensemble for one Wednesday because I just felt like going to school being stylish. Not to forget, I want to have my new white mules out for a spin. I bought these mules (see the white pointed shoes) because I feel like a million bucks in it. At first glance, it was edgy at the same time stylish. When you are into fashion, you just feel like you have to evolve your style every now and then. Considering that I am saying goodbye to my "teen" years soon, I felt like I should up my game and these shoes helped me a lot. So this outfit is screaming for a cool kid feel, hence, the reason for this grungy, Lorde-ish kind of drama because I just feel like. What I like most about this look is the fact that despite how monochromatic the colors are, they seem to complement each other without giving you the boring look.

Top: Penshoppe
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Primadonna
Credits to: Ceska Marie Apalla 


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