Raison d'etre

 Remember the reason why I call this blog "Speak and Style"? Perhaps you don't anymore, but last June 27,2014, I was given the opportunity to put the speak in speak and style ;) I was tasked to host a major event in our college and I happily obliged.
 For someone who has always been on the backstage of everything, I guess given the chance to host this event two years in a row is a big accomplishment for a newbie in the hosting club. I feel honored to grace this event because it is one of the reason why I couldn't consider my college life a bore. Occasional adrenaline rush made decisions are healthy, only if those are for your benefit ;) trust me!
 If you ask my thoughts on how I felt during the entire show, I felt at ease. Maybe because I have always dreamed to come up on stage and talk? Or because I always envisioned myself ever since I was in first year that one day, I would be one of the hosts in a major school event. Who would have thought that those daydreams will turn into reality? I am beyond blessed to have tick that off in my bucketlist. Hmmmmm...makes me wonder what is in store for me next? :D

As for my outfit that day, I decided to wear a pale blue drape dress and my camo heels (though, I removed it right after because my feet hurts already). I like the design of the dress personally because the material was silky and simple but it screams elegance. Perhaps, my style has always been simple...now I wonder why do I call myself stylish again? Hahaha. Well, I love fashion but this blog is not called speak and style if I don't speak through  my outfits, right?

PS--makes we want to put the cliche of xoxo, speakandstyle ;)

Dress: Maldita
Heels/Flats: Primadonna
Credits to: Malur Yonac, Florence Bornales and my mom!
MUA: Jerica Pelaez


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