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Okay, I really don't find the drama series "Gossip Girl" interesting at first.  Until I got the chance to watch it on a regular basis because I'd rather watch it than watching the evening news. And when I began to understand the flow of the story, that's when I started appreciating the show. 

Serena van der Woodsen--a young stunning elite on the high-end streets of Manhattan is one of the main characters in Gossip Girl. She's an epitome of what every girl wanted to be. Blake Lively, who is portraying the role of Serena, executes her role perfectly. In real life, her role as Serena isn't so far from being Blake. She shops, she's parties, she's an elite. The reason why later on I became a huge fan of Blake Lively. I adore her taste in shoes, her fashion and style, her everything. What made me love her more is when the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin send her a whole packaged of the yet to be released shoes for his Spring Collection. Isn't she lucky? Who among us wouldn't do anything just to be in her shoe, right? Knowing that she has always been a Louboutin lover, that whole thing was just a lovely surprise. Blake has been a muse of all the top fashion names in the world, like Chanel and many others. 

Right now, I look up to Blake Lively as my inspiration. She's everything I want to be, except of course of the acting stuff (hihihi). She is the fashion goddess, I must say. Whatever she has right now, is what I've always dreamed of. But I guess, it isn't that impossible to reach right? It only takes a lot of effort and hardwork and of course a lot of prayers, to make it all happen. 


  1. blake is a doll! girl has got everything, including fierce friends karl lagerfeld and christian louboutin. siya na!:)


  2. True that! She is the IT girl of this generation:)

  3. I adore her and her style, she is incredible!



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