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Summer days are almost over, so I'm getting ready for my academic outfits. I promised myself to change my fashion for this coming school year. Well, I'm changing for a number of reasons: one is because I don't wanna be an attraction in our campus, second is I don't wanna give an impression to people that makes them feel intimidated and third is because I wanna try a laid-back chic fashion for the whole of first semester. As much as I want to bring out the stylist in me, I have to hold back my creative outfits because it's not fit for school. The only remedy I have is to innovate my fashion but still with a touch of vintage (which has always been a part of my daily outfit).

This time I opted for much simpler ones aside from my lazy days outfits that consist a simple shirt, jeans and a flat shoes or a my pair of vans. Like the Androgyny looks, these are the outfits that are a bit boyish by adding some blazer or jackets but you still look pretty and stylish in it. Another hot trend in fashion today are the Peter Pan collars, may it be detachable or not, bloggers are wearing a lot of it as I've noticed. Wearing these collared shirt maybe styled by adding another layer of cardigan over it or a sweatshirt to have the smart-casual look. Then you can add style to your outfit by wearing a tweed jacket (I personally like it because it reminds me of the mystery stories' fashion of Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley) although it is not that applicable here in the Philippines because of it's tropical climate. And lastly, the revival of the flare pants. I know it's so like Fashion '60's but who cares? It's stylish and simple and you don't have to buy those pants because I'm sure almost everyone has this kind of pants hidden in their closets. You can just simply pair them with a shirt that's skin tight at least to balance the outfit and nail the outfit by some platform heels.

Yes, in college you have to look your best. But that doesn't mean that you'd sacrifice your studies for that. You can look good, however, you should never forget the very reason why you are in school. Look Pretty. Study Hard. Be yourself. Enjoy College and have fun! :)


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