From Eden

This my friends, is my first official ever in my whole twenty-one years of existence! And you know what they say " once tasted, always wanted"---in this context, I was on the verge of vowing to live forever in the island and throw away all my #richandfamous goals. Bantayan Island is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear water and the moment I saw it, the first sentence I uttered was "PARADISE IS REAL!!". haha. Imagine I said it in the tone of "hail hydra" lol (s/0 to captain America: civil war). Okay, back to the topic, so there I was so amazed at how beautiful the beach was and how genius God is for creating this one piece of heaven on earth.

I took this photo in one of the islands we visited and I apologize if I forgot the name of the island. Just like Bantayan, the beach was heavenly and well the tide is unpredictable. But I do not mind at all swimming on the beach all day and frying my skin to dark brown. I saw this rock not far from where our boat docked and ultimately made art out of it.

You can only imagine how to hot the sun is during this time. It was only after lunch where we decided to go island hopping and the sun is on its peak. But covered with sunblock, we fought our way to fun, beach and sand. We do not see much of this in the city and so we would not miss all the excitement just because of the fear of sunburn. haha!

So basically, these people are behind the photos of moi and all my model-esque photos. We really went over board just for my blog and for my readers. Yes, I miss you guys and this is my come back gift to you. I really cannot promise you for up to date blogs but I can promise you updates in the near future.

On the Sidelines:
Warm-up stage and trying to familiarize the place and strategize the shoot. haha!

Meet the whole crew! We are not complete but all the fun was there. :D

Meet the bestfraan.. This is our first official outing and over night away from our house. I guess we did well for newbies. :)

Photographer: Cliffton Tejam, Louis Belarma, Mel Condrillon
HMUA: bantayan breeze, sunblock SPF 20


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