Fashion for Less

To become a trendsetter, you don't have to spend much. When we think of fashion, first thing that comes in mind is money, lots of money. People always thought fashion costs a lot of money in order for one to afford it. Many go for brands and imported items, thinking no matter a dress looks like as long as it has Vuitton or Chanel on it they would look great.

But thats now how it really is guys. To become fabulous, you don't have to spend your month's salary just for a single dress. Because of the strong demand of clothes, shoes and bags, to compensate everyone's crave for vanity, many alternatives have popped out already. Now a days, we see a lot of thrift shops or commony known as "Ukay-Ukay". These shops, although they sell second-hand items, they still offer great choices of clothes for people with a wide variety of taste. And one very good advantage of thrift shopping is that we can buy as many things as we want without sacrificing our budget.

If we don't want to go to these shops, don't fret. We can recycle or reuse our old clothing we don't use anymore. Either we don't use them because they are the styles of yesterday or because we have worn them out. But that is not a problem. We have noticed on television and magazines that the oldies fashion is back. Why don't we try to rummage our closet and check if we can still use our old clothes. A real fashionista must know how to make a simple old dress to a glamorous one! We could mix and match clothes to make it a real hit. By just adding accents to your outfit  like belts, necklaces or a or a pair of beautiful earrings and a touch of make-up sot hat you could really rock that outfit.

Who says you can't be beautiful without spending much? Think again. It just takes a little work on our creative side to create a whole new fab look. Just play around with all the available things you have and for sure you'll achieve that hollywood look. Fashion for less, how'd you like that?


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