One of the most important problem our society is facing today is the threatening wrath of nature. Tsunamis, earthquakes, super typhoons, hurricanes and fires are the most important evidences of Mother Nature’s rage. have you ever wondered why these happened more frequently than they are expected?
Mankind has been careless in taking care of the habitat they have been living. when the world was young and people used to live a simple life, there had been no problems in balancing the ecosystem. But ever since the scientific revolution began where technology had been introduced to the public, then the use of machines and computers were unstoppable. Because of the wonderful benefits these technologies, man have seemed to be so dependent with these. Then they began to forget about the natural world. The existence of plants and animals and their roles in sustaining life on earth. Cutting trees and slaughtering of animals for them was just like playing, thinking those are infinite.
What is badly needed is sufficient education and strong implementation of laws regarding the conservation of trees and massive killing of animals for man’s well fare. However, first world countries and developing countries, alike, seem to have no knowledge about this urgent call. They haven’t pause even just for a while for these past few years and ponder thoughts on any possiblities of why sudden changes in weather and other abnormalities of the earth’s behavior.
That is when we need to be conscious of these present day realities. How the place we thought was a paradise is now comparable to a huge trashcan; polluted and not being taken care of. We need to be conscious in order to be cautious of our every action- one wrong move and the consequences will follow


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