Behind the Spotlight

Of all the entries I posted, I find the topic that talks about myself the hardest. Although they say the only person who knows yourself best is you, still I'm  not sure if I really know me. Quite confusing right?

Ezra, that's what most people call me. The say I'm the happy-go-lucky kind of person. They also say that I'm a very nice person because I have an adorable personality. Another thing people knew about me is that I hate math as much as I love English and History. They knew about how much I love the color yellow. My friends always know how talkative I am that I even offend other people without knowing it.

See? I told you I'm not good at describing myself. Am I just stating the obvious or am I getting too conceited? Anyways, let's get back to the topic. But behind all these nuisance, the Ezra I'm talking about is more than just what all those people think about her. Aside from those mentioned above, as what I've known to myself is that I am a deep thinker, my thoughts run about 180kph (kidding) :D. But seriously, my thoughts are thirsty of knowledge and wonderful ideas. I am a dreamer, I have lots dreams. And I want to share some to you; I want to be a flight attendant someday, a fashion icon, a successful entrepreneur too. I don't want to be just a one-woman show whose capability is limited, I want to be well-rounded individual wherein I know a little bit of everything.

These things are just some parts of me, as I enter  the world of blogging I hope I find my niche in here. I love writing and playing with words and put art in every piece of blog I make, but still as a newbie I'm still learning this thing and I look forward to meet other bloggers like me!


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