Off Duty

I can't offer you any #OOTD right now because for the whole week, I prefer staying indoors. And I can't also give you fashionable tips right now because I am in my school mode (says the girl who found time to practice putting on make-up. LOL). I wrote here today because I just want to simply write something. haha

Let's  just talk about life, shall we? Without the dictionary, I would refer to it as unpredictable. You can't seem to notice patterns for whatever will happen to you. Sometimes, you are happy and sometimes you are sad..yes that would be something we can always expect to happen. But eventually, you do not really when how long are you going to stay happy and how long are you going to stay sad.

And despite, that big laughing face in my photos, I cannot really say that I am as happy as I pretend to be and I am not sad either. I am in that thin line between happy and sad. My condition is indeterminate because I really do not know where I stand. I guess, neutral feelings are much worse than being depressed or sad.

If you are reading this post, and well in one way or another is feeling the same way too, a friendly advice I can give is that do not really ponder into it. I will not be a hypocrite to say that I just tend to forget and continue living, because I am the greatest over thinker you will ever meet. And since, I fully am aware of that, I know feeling and I want you to avoid feeling that thing. :) I want you to deal with it a whole lot better than musing over it again and again. Trust me, that's unhealthy :)

Pardon this very dramatic blog post but I guess this is part of my second semester jitters. This afternoon, as I was trying to do something productive, I cannot help but think of what happened to my semestral break. It was a blur. Nothing good really happened and I felt like I wasted my two week vacation for nothing. At the same time, I also felt kind of sad because I will be missing very much these kind of dog days. Few days from now, I will be sleeping late and go back to my fast paced life.

Oh well, enough of this emotional talk. Hahaa! I will just keep in my mind that everything happens for a reason. And I shall get out of this life legendary (hopefully)

Also, my blog views has increased dramatically! Never been so happy with that. Three years in Blogspot, and well happy to know that many people are starting to give a damn in this tiny piece of heaven of moi :) So here is a kiss to all my phantom readers out there. Thank youuu for tirelessly visiting my un-updated blog :) ♥♥


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