Winter in the Tropics

Winter in the Tropics

Being placed in a country near the Equator, the chances of experiencing a white Christmas is second to none. And so, being one of the majority who would like to try wearing faux fur over coats and turtleneck pull-overs, I decided to splurge on winter clothing that can be worn in the tropics. Sounds peculiar, odd and out of this world? Yep. Exactly. But here are my few recommendations on how to feel the winter vibe in the sunny Philippines :)
(I'll enumerate the items from upper left to lower right )

1. Oversized pull-overs. These couture piece has been dominating the runway of this year's fashion weeks. Celebrities are seen wearing these pieces and well it does give you that winter feels because of its long sleeves but when you wear it with pencil skirts or shorts, it doesn't make you really feel that warm.

2. Button down polos layered with a pull-over- it can be worn as an office look of for rainy days on November and December. It is really functional for any casual affairs and can be worn anytime. 
4. A turtleneck dress- well, Terranova is displaying a lot of it lately....they must have a succinct definition of doing it. 
5. Go-to handbag- this is your default handbag for Christmas shopping or a day-out with friends in cafe, park or mall. I suggest choose a pastel color, because it makes your feel like walking in 5th Avenue with snow falling on your head. haha!
6. Boyfriend jeans- They keep you hip and fresh but they also make you feel like you are on your lazy day and you just pull out anything out of your closet. haha!
7. Glitter shorts- For the party girls, this is your fit!
8. A full knee length skirt- for all your parties weeks before Christmas. You need something decent and stylish. Make it red ;)
9. Gold bag- because gold complement green and red (the colors of Christmas)
10. Always buy two pairs of shoes. A pair of flats and a pair of heels. Flat for your casual days and Heels for your killer nights ;)

Now, I have given you the initial list, all the malls are on sale today..Let's start looking for the perfect key pieces to make this year's Christmas stylish and vibrant! :)


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