Up Close

I was looking forward to this post since July. But then, these photos were not uploaded until recently. This was done when the officers of our organization decided to have profile shots and so we had it. Obviously, these were the times when I was still so fat because I neglected diet for a good six months. It is not so easy to hide though that I gained weight (see: chubby cheeks). I do not intend to center this blog post on how chubby my cheeks are but while we are at it why not talk about it? LOL. Ever since time immemorial, I have always been chubby, safe to say food is always part of my system. I remember when I was younger, whenever I go to out family physician to have my monthly check-up, my brother and I would always have a contest on the weighing scale to see who weighs more (haha!). Not only is my chubby cheeks so prominent in my facial features but even the double chin. I would not really consider have a chubby cheeks and double chin bane because it keeps me looking younger than I actually am. Can you guess how old I am now? I doubt ;P (unless you are my friend who is reading this. gotcha! haha)

Now, now..where was I? Oh yeah, I really don't want to discuss about being an officer unless this is an academic blog! hahaha. This photo is really so much of a throwback because it reminded me of how much has changed since June. I guess, it was a good change and I hope this change continues.

Ushabelle Bongo (Ushutterbug)


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