Can you believe it? Just afew more days and I will finally be walking down the aisle! Nope, I am not getting married, I am just getting my diploma. But before I totally say goodbye to USC, I will give you some snippets of our graduation ball which happened last wednesday, March 25, 2015 at Parklane Hotel. 
 We had an awards night theme for the ball, and so we all agreed to wear something formal. I chose this red velvet gown because it is just so simple yet it exudes with class. Although, my original plan was to wear an entirely different design but then time did not allow me to have that gown custom made. So thank God for my go-to designer Jed Sevilla, who is one of Cebu's finest designers. 

For my accessories, of course I flaunt the minimalist in me. A dangling earrings and my favorite rings are always my best friends. The laser cut of the gown itself has already done the part of giving the oomph factor of the over all look.

I tell you a secret though, this has been my red carpet mantra ever since I entered the glamorous world of fashion: always do the opposite. Whenever I attend formal events wherein I need to dress up, I always settle for the simple and classy look. I have already anticipated that everyone will go all out in their gowns and the heavy make-up during formal events and so the best way to steal the show is to be simple. Trust me, it works! ;) Because as what Yves Saint Laurent said, "it is not about the dress but the woman who wears it". 

At the end of the night, I was awarded with the Vogue Dutchess award. I don't know why I always end up with everything that screams glamour. All terms synonymous to that word are usually used when people describe me. It is very flattering to know that people look up to my taste and style in clothing. I hope I really did inspire you to dress up and look your best always :) I promise to make that one of my life mission: to make everybody look beautiful in their own way.

That night could not have ended more perfectly and I want to send my heartfelt gratitude to the main boss: Estelle and Keeshia for a very successful party! Until we see each other again! xx

Credits: HMUA: Jed Sevilla | Dress: Jed Sevilla| Shoes: Gibi Collection| Bag: Nima
Photos: Mom


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