Back in Black

Travelling and fashion always go hand in hand. Let us just say that dressing up for your flights is a standard operating procedure for every vagabond. You never know what to expect, especially with the customs from other countries. So always be ready and armed with your best outfits so that you can get through the airport harmless. Lol!

And so I decided for my derpature #ootd to go all black. Black is the safest and classic default outfit for all season. Who cares even if it is summer, winter or autumn-- black will always be black. So, I chose to wear a black turtleneck top paired with a black jeans and top it all with this fluffy winter jacket. I had to be ready just in case Hong Kong might be too cold for me. 

I was just experimenting on my outfit because honestly I have no idea about cold weather dressing (spell first timer. ugh). So I had to settle with my own creative and stylish ideas. One thing I must tell you is that when you go outside the country always look your best because most people will look you up and down--judge you basically, so you must avoid to get offended by wearing something nice. :)

 I would like to tell you that I purposely asked my mom to take picture of that car behind me so that I can show santa/ my parents/ and all other benefactors as how I foresee my future. I may or safe to say i am not wishing for  a Christian Grey but I surely am wishing for some bad-ass Audi. Haha! If I had to own a car though, I would make sure it is a sportscar. Okay, stop dreaming ez! hahaha

And this one is a bag haven located at one corner of Nathan Road. This is the closest thing to Italy and well, all the designer bags are there so please help me before I pour all my money digging into the latest YSL bag! 

This is my personal post on our HKG trip. The next posts are my fashion finds and all those heart melting boutiques that broke my heart because I am still unemployed to buy myself even just a piece of Cartier bracelet. One thing that I learned the moment I stepped into the Hong Kong grounds is that I am not born for simple living. And so the only solution: work my ass off so I can afford myself. 

HAHAHAHA! I find this post so funny, it is like I am consoling myself of the fashionable frustrations that I had. Tsk.  I should recheck my sanity. Pleaseeee


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