I will first take a break from posting about my Hong Kong trip. I want to share some news to my mystery readers on what is happening in my life right now. Like the title itself, my photos are unfiltered as well. I will bare my personal sentiments to you all about a very important event that is bound to happen soon. Aside from the fact that I am past my teenage years already, being 20 means it is the end of the line for me (when it comes to my studies). It will only be a few more days before I get my diploma and finally pat my shoulder and repeat the mantra: I did it. 

What most people think is that when they graduate college, everything is done. Fini. The ultimate end as they say. But for me college is just like reading the Prologue of a novel. Whatever you did in college and whatever result that comes out of it will give you an overview of what to expect in your book of life. Because the moment you attain that "academic freedom", you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere and you just start to walk aimlessly. Usually, this results to frustrations and disappointments because you will then realize that nothing is ever going to happen according to your plan.
As for me, I am more anxious than excited for that day. I am fully aware that whatever happens after my graduation is uncertain. I cannot rely on my planners and organizers anymore because my time will basically be mine alone for the taking. There will be no more deadlines to meet, nor notes to write and exams to be studied. I am solely responsible on what I should do with my free time; whether I should use it to find a job, look for scholarships, proceed to another course or simply bum around. And this partially absolute freedom is scary because you might get used to lazing around that will lose the enthusiasm to make something out of your life. 

Persoanlly, I was praying that the excitement of my batchmates for our upcoming graduation would radiate so I can feel the same. Maybe this is just me being so ambitious or the me who is so afraid of failure or maybe this is just some jitters that would just get away soon. I hope so. 

On the other hand,I am happy that finally I get to sleep 8 hours daily from now on and I will now stop loading myself with caffeine and can go back sipping teas in the morning. I am also happy that I am now in another chapter of my life and I get to start anew with everything. I can now throw away things, experiences and people that has done me no good in the last four years and just move on with my life. What happened before will just stay in the past but it will be the lesson that I will forever remember to avoid committing the same mistakes again. 

Rest assured, this blog and this blogger will remain to give you daily updates :) But sooner or later, I will have to re-do my blog to make it better for you my dear readers! Thank you for being with me throughout this journey, to my followers and blog viewers thank you for the 10k blog views. This blog has been in this site for 5years already and I did not know that people did give a damn in this little piece of haven :) Thank youuu! 

 Photo credits: Estelle Marie Ocampo and Ceska Marie Apalla


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