I am not Sexist

I am not Sexist

I am not Sexist by chichonheels featuring michael kors jewelry

I am not a sexist. I was asked by our NASCI teacher what would I be 10 years from now and I told him I'd like to be a flight attendant and a famous fashion stylist. He had a follow-up question whether I'd be styling for women or men. Of course, I answered women and he added that "Ahh, sexist" statement. And that got me into thinking why not do both? I mean it's always been my pleasure to style people regardless of their gender. It's just that I'm not yet so skillfull on determining men's taste in clothes. I want to know every facet of their fashion first before diving into a pool of men's style. So as of the moment, for a start I decided to style a boyish look or the androgyny look. And in this outfit, I really meant boyish. No heels, no jewelries. I decided to do some layering and that is covering a simple white-beaded-collared top with a large boat neck sweatshirt to add some masculine touch in it. Then to brighten the outfit, I chose a bright blue (which is a perfect for unisex colors) skinny jeans. Then to add a feminine touch, I chose a bright red vans. Then for the jewelries, a leather watch would perfectly match with it and a sling bag. It's best also to keep your hair on a messy updo for a lazy day touch. 

Despite of the boyish-ness of this outfit, it still is outstanding. To escape off from those too girly look why not try this one? It's comfy, it's cool and it's versatile :) 


  1. The pull-over is so cute! :)
    Btw, i just found your blog and if you want, we could follow each other's blog? :D


  2. Love your blog! I would love to follow each other like you suggested! Following you now :)


  3. Awesome blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? xx

    /Malin @ http://fashionfied.tk

  4. Thank you for visited my blog. I'd love to follow each other. I've done following you. here's my blog http://rosaliaj.blogspot.com


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