Loving, Losing and Moving On

Remember that time when you first had your heart broken? The time when you thought everything was perfect and you found out what a douche he is? The kind of pain that felt right through your heart. Yes, imagine that scenario when you find out that something important to you is gone. 

Today, I was so happy because I finally am in the last pages of the book I am currently reading. I was in the brink of excitement knowing that I will be going through my mini bookshelf again and decide what to read next. Only to my surprise that my bookshelf is infested with termites. Yes, TERMITES! They were all over my books and they were feasting on it like it was some kind of a buffet. At first, it was just one book, not until I went through my whole shelf to find out that they have already eaten 1/4 of my collection. 

That moment, I knew of the word broken heart. Seeing those books slowly being rotten away by such pests, eating them like they are some kind of grass, I felt my heart being torn apart. Those books were with me for almost ten years already. I have invested my money, time and emotions in those books. They were with me during my saddest, happiest times in my successes and failures. They were my non-living best friends. They were with me when no one else was. They gave me that sense of comfort when I feel alone. They give me inspiration to become someone great. They give me that burst of energy and creativity I never knew I had. 

It hurts to say goodbye to my love. To see them fading away before my eyes. To let go of the things that I used to love. To move on with my life. I owe them who I am right now. They made me better and smarter. They helped me become a good writer and a critical thinker. They helped me find myself. 

I am mourning for the loss of half of my Nancy Drew collections, my favorite thriller stories and my Danielle Steele Collections that I have not even read yet. I am mourning for the fact that those books are very limited these days and now I do not have a memorabilia of my childhood addiction. 

I am still in the process of accepting this sudden demise of my beloved books. But I am also seeing this as a sign of maturity. Maybe saying goodbye to fiction and saying hello to non-fiction, legal books, self-help books and all those kind of books to read. I am saying hello to a new set of collection I will having along the way. 

This might come off as a shock to you but yes I am a bookworm and yes I collect books aside from clothes, shoes and bags. And no you did not go astray, this is not yet an inspirational blog! haha. And if you are asking, where are my remaining books situated at the moment? It is on fully display at our living room. haha! 


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  2. On my first glimpse, I thought this is about your mysterious love story... -_- it was termites after all.

    but one lesson you need to take note of... marry a man who's gonna look out for your books :)


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