Back in the Runway: Casual Wear

 Dress: Maze | Shoes: Aldo | Ring: Ayala Accesories| Earrings: SM Accessories| HMUA: mom

Hola everyone! Now I'm back to blogging and I'm back with a great news! Well, well your sister right here just took a great leap out of her comfort zone by joining a beauty contest. Not really your beauty queen kind of lady, but if given the opportunity, why not? This happen just yesterday in our Acquaintance party and it was good. To tell you the truth though, I was never so excited about the thought of this. I've joined several pageants before and I really get jitters during the long gown and question and answer portion.

Anyway, this first post is solely about my casual wear. I had this dress as a Christmas gift from my aunt. Let me tell you the story if this dress, when she told me to go with her to Ayala to buy something and to choose my gift from her,  I already had in mind what type of dress I'd like to wear. I don't know if I have told you how much I love corsets? Yeah well I am telling you now, HARHAR CORNY. So I found this dress as Maze, that brand isn't really as famous as a any boutique but that time it was the only store who sells this type of dress. And I swear, it was love at first sight. When I saw it, I grabbed it and told my aunt to buy it for me. Now I had it, and I just found the perfect occasion to wear it. Since the theme was retro, well I guess this is retro enough.hahaha! By the way those people with me in the photos are my happy pills! They make me happy when I was so down and now they are pouring their hearts out just to support me in this thing. We should give them a big clap, clap my dear readers! :)

I am proud to announce that I was able to groove in that 4 inch heels! That was a really great achievement for me because I was not conscious at all and I really prayed not to stumble at any moment while I was dancing. Hmmm..this is it for now. Watch out for the next post. :)


  1. Welcome back! :) I love the dress! Not very retro haha but you look great!

    1. I thought I was starting to lose my followers! But thank God you stayed :)
      I thought so too, the dress was not retro-ish but I loved it. Hahaha


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