Back in the Runway: Evening Wear

Now, let me show you what I wore for the evening gown in the pageant. I took time to have these bunch of selfies/ ootds before the night ends. Luckily, I found this huge white curtain covering a whole side of the venue and so I asked my mom to take this shot for me. Since, the gown is so me..classy and effortless I thought doing some Victorian pose would be appropriate.

You gotta give me that chance to act like some royalty here because the gown calls for a sophisticated feel in it. But what I love about this dress is that it was not heavy, it was flow-y and I didn't trip at all in the whole show.
 Spot the not. Seeing the other people dancing after the pageant, can I say no to them? I mean the music is just so inviting. Whether in long gown or not you still got to be yourself. Hahaha. Cray cray me!
 The two ladies who were uberly supportive the entire time. Buying me everything I need from the smallest detail and all those needed in between. They took photos and helped me change my clothes and even added something on my answers for the Question and Answer portion. I'm so thankful to them and for all their help to make these things happen!
 Well, out of the 8 contestants, we're the Top 3 standing. These ladies were sure good and honestly I didn't expect to win this things at all knowing I was the simplest contestant at all. No make up artist and didn't even rent a gown, but the support from my peers were overwhelming, I can't help but give my best to it.
 See? I won the crown woohoo! Hahaha. Not really bragging, but that feeling when you get to be in line with the pretty ladies in our department, that's just flattering. Even being the Ms. Photogenic,  that was enough for me but God has greater plans.
 And one of the best part? I got to have a picture with my idol, that girl beside me. I mean she's such a genius because she can get a 1.0 average and be the consistent Top1 and she is so beautiful with or without make up. I really want to be like her, I wish I can be like her. Anyway, this was the photo when I was awarded as Ms. Photogenic.
 And this is what I told you about how easy to walk in this gown. I can walk around without looking at the floor. I have to thank my trusty heels as well, if it wasn't so comfortable I will be having a hard time. I was also the last contestant (no. 8) which is my favorite number. Luckiest number for me ever since!
The presence of one of my bestest girlfriend ever gives me more confidence. Waiting for the whole shoe to start and begging her parents to let her watch the show is so touching. One reasons why I can never find any replacement for this great girl. Thank you so much everyone for your support!

Dress: Get Laud! | Shoes: Celine | Earrings: Ayala Accessories | Bangles: SM Accessories| HMUA: mom


  1. congrats!
    you look Amazing!
    ciao from Italy,

    1. So happy to hear from my readers in other country :) Thank you ♥


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