The cost of true friendship

In my young age, I know I still can't find those people whom I can call TRUE FRIENDS. I mean, it's still the start of my college and everyone is still greatly covered by their masks and you can't determine yet who is true to you or who stabs you at your back. But right now, after a massive struggle form my first batch of friends in college because I just discovered that there is  nothing compatible between me and them I just had to break out of their circle. I personally started to dislike them because of their too rebellious actions and too trying-to-fit-in attitudes that really bugs me then I walked out. Totally. I started making friends with almost everybody in our block and I was thankful they readily accepted me without any judgements (i hope so). And right now, I'm happy to share you that I've found my niche with this new circle of mine. A wider, broader and a warmer circle of friends. It's not a 5-member group or an all-socialite group but rather it is a group composed mostly of everyone who wants to be with me, talk to me or just simply hang out with me. And for me, this is cool. I mean, I get to have everybody as my friend, though not really the BFF kind but at least its the best I can have. I have the kind of friends who stick up with me and supports me when it comes to my crush. Those who are willing to laugh at my craziness and not ashamed of it. They readily give a helping hand when I don't understand my lesson. I cannot really find the right words to describe my friends. I am just thankful and lucky enough to have them. I am not expecting that these guys would forever stay with me, but I am certain that what we have right now is genuine and no one can take us from now. In reality, that's pretty much it, the cost of true friendship isn't measured by money or how many times you've back stabbed each other. The cost of true friendship is the feeling of happiness and serenity in the company of your so-called friends


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