The great Outdoors

The first thing that caught my eye when I went inside their souvenir shop! 

My brother look so scared or nervous with the tiger by his side? haha

Meet my siblings. From L-R John, Hannah, Me and Josh

With my Dad. I guess that's where we all got our looks ^^

I wish I could experience the fun, but I have my <PERIOD> that time :/

Here's the vine bridge! My bro almost lost balance halfway! Haha

Catwalk: perfect place to practice if you want to become a supermodel! Hahaha

Here's the wall climbing part!

My bro couldn't carry his weight so he decided not to continue with wall climbing anymore. hahahaha

I forgot the name of this, but I sure think this one's fun! Hahaha

The rope part! Hahaha. You've got to have a lot of focus here!

My brother! Go bro!
My family and I, visited a newly opened jungle safari in Cebu (located at the old Paseo place). And for those who have adventurous spirits like me,I was thrilled to visit the place.There were still a lot of things to do but I was not able to try them due to my <you-know>. Hahaha. But watching my brother do all those things made me swear that I had to go back there again and experience it myself! Hahaha. You guys should try it too. 


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