El Salvador

What I wore:
Over-sized white top: Mom's closet
Floral bathing suit: Speedo
Shades: Ray Ban
Credits to my yaya for taking the pictures :)
Yesterday is LABOR DAY, my family and I decided to have an outing. We were planning togo to Green Lagoon but then when we went there it was fully booked. So we decided to go further and head straight to EL Salvador which is located far north in Cebu. So the place was indeed mystic and lovely. The white sand, the beach, the pool and everything. I indulge myself n the pool for more than 4 hours non-stop because I was just truly enjoying myself in this paradise. But before I did that I took some shots with my outfit. I chose to wear at first a blue shirt and a blue shorts, but my mom said to change it, so I did. Until she gave me thisvery white sexy over-sized dress and told me to wear it. I wasn't so comfortable with it. But later on, I find it comfortable to wear so I'm loving it. Right now, I plan on not seeing anybody because of the kind of complexion I'm having right now. Hahaha. Anyway, I hope you had a great Labor day yesterday also guys :)


  1. what lovely pictures! so jealous of the blue waters and white sands. xo

    1. Thanks dear! Try to visit soon here in the philippines :)


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