Fading away

Fading away

It's been a long time since I exercised my styling skills. I sincerely apologize for that though, midterms and research took away most of my time and this has been the perfect moment yet to use my imagination again without any academic interference. So, what I chose now is a combination of two, no, make that three of the hottest trends in fashion today. I chose a peplum top, a mint colored skinny jeans, and a combination of both baby blue and baby pink accessories. This look is good for smart casual occasions or for sunny days outfit. I purposely chose monochromatic colors in fading order to add art in the totality of the outfit. And this signifies, that we shouldn't be afraid to wear monochromes, because there is a beauty in one-toned colors. The reason also why I chose old rose colors in the accessories is, again, to balance the whole thing. You don't want to look like a walking sea if you use blue all through out right? So the studded clutch plus a statement ring plus a rosy earrings is a good match for this. But you can also venture into the neutral ones like black, white or nude. But because color-blocking is my current addiction, the old rose color goes perfectly with my virtually styled get-up. 


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