Game of Tones


Laced Yellow polo- What a Girl Wants
Jeans- Jeans
Shoes-- My mom's 
Accsories: Watch- Anne Klein, Bracelet- gift

Another wednesday wash day, and we're back with our effortlessly chic outfits! This time we accidentally wore earth toned get-ups. Yellow, brown, black, white, blue-- are usually the colors included in this group. I chose to wear a yellow lacey-sheer top polo to complement with the weather that day. It was sunny and breezy day and my outfit was perfect for it. I just paired it with a simple pair of jeans and a dark brown flats so that I won't over do the outfit. This neutral colored outfits are perfect for a safe look. Safe look means not directly getting the attention of the people but somehow you have their attention. Especially on fair skins, earth tones naturally camouflage on it so at a glance you might look nude but the best part of it is its ability to  reveal your true beauty and in a way make you loo sexy. Earth tones readily enhances ones features and in this case it did! 

Yes it's good to be bold but fashion needs balance as well. Your style has to be adaptive and dynamic. A true fashionista is versatile and is capable of pulling off any outfit they choose to wear. They just don't stick on what it is common or where they look good at. They risk to innovate their fashion and perhaps recreate their style that could eventually make a statement in the fashion industry.  


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