Under Neon Lights

Dress: July
Shoes: Janilyn
Gold bracelet and Diamond pearl ring
Photos by: Ushabelle Bongo (if you want to deal business with her when it comes to capturing your best moments, contact her here.

We just had our Acquaintance Party last July 27 and we had this interesting theme named A Touch of Neon. And what's a fashion blogger got to do? Color block. Yes, you heard it right. Despite of the fact that the theme is neon, we can all modify this by the (my overused term for how many blogposts now) power of color blocking.  Honestly, I am so addicted to that trend. So what I wore during this affair is a combination of Indigo and some kinda orangey-pink and the best part of this outfit is that I found a shoes that has identical color with my dress. Amazing, isn't it? I love the whole monochromatic color-blocking of my outfit. It's bold and daring and edgy if I must say in someway. Because in fashion today, matching the shoes with your dress looks so offbeat in the society but I strongly believe that it is a ll a matter of pulling off an outfit regardless of the style and design as long as you are comfortable in it and it represents "YOU" in one way or another. 

And since, we can't help spotting other fashionable women in this party, I took here with me the other pillars of fashion in our Department. Sunshine and Jerica who looked equally stunning in their bandage dress and bandage skirt respectively. Wearing the bodycon skirt (Jerica on the left), it flaunted her slender and sexy body effortlessly. Where as for Sunshine's bodycon floral dress (on the right) is simply shows off her curvaceous body naturally which caught the eyes of the bachelors present in this bash. Finally, we couldn't just end the night doing our signature pose :)

So what can you guys say about our outfits? Don't we just complement each other and add spice to the Neon party? :D


  1. same color ang shoes and dress :D
    love your shoes!


  2. You look so good!
    amazing outfit
    follwing you!


    1. Thanks girl! Will surely check out your blog too :)


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