Day Tripper

 Here is the other half of my semender shoot with my good friend Ushabelle, and we decided to take on long day dresses. So I chose to wear a violet floral dress that has a sexy touch. One advantage of a maxi dress is that it is suitable for all women in every size. It has no exceptions except when it is about the height issues.

 The thing about maxis, as what I have read on is that it has this common design of having a dramatical upper portion either in a halter or strapless style. It enhances the bust and never fails to look women much thinner and sexier than they actually are. This is the magic of a long day dress that has been passed on through different generations.

The touch of an open back here is another feature of a maxi dress that is classic. It adds more attraction without even showing that much of a skin. The open back seems just like a teaser for people to look more into the outfit you are wearing and see the beauty of the dress. I personally like everything about my outfit because of its simplicity and the neat print it has in the dress.
 As you notice, the dress basically has this pattern of having a tight fit from the neck down to the hips and from the hips downward it slowly starts to widen its hems and cuts. The whole drama of the dress plus th cooperative sea breeze in the location wherein we had our shoot perfectly complements each other and exactly the reason of the magnificent shot!

And hitting on the kind of make-up I decided to put on, it also blends well on the dress because it was just a light touch of the nude colors and a pink matte lipstick. So I still have that o'naturale look.
Our take on the maxis is quite daring, especially for my height, because maxis look best on a 5'6-er and above and considering my a height as a flat 5-footer so it's really risky. And also we tried not to wear any heels as of the moment and simply just flats. The idea of wearing flats is also cool because maxis are very versatile you can wear it anytime and anywhere may it be on travelling or having some outdoor activities (not the intense one though). How bout you guys? Would you consider wearing a day dress in one of your road trips or flights?

Ushabelle Bongo


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