I was browsing through the newspaper this morning, and I saw again some useful information when it comes to choosing and wearing high heels. And here comes the cliche again that pain is beauty. Well, when it comes to wearing those five inch pump shoes, there's so much pain you have to endure just to achieve the height that you wish to have even just for an hour or so. According to medical basis in Pain Relief Centers; "wearing high heels for longer than three hours can actually shorten the length of the Achilles tendon and can lead to loss of motion in the feet overtime.

But worry no more heel lovers, because here are some tips on how to put your best foot forward:

1. Pick the right shoe in the right size

  • shoes that are too small are the major culprits of pain." Women often times squeeze in their foot in to the wrong shoe size that causes damage, blisters, bunions" as stated by Dr. Newton

2. Time of the day can affect how the shoes fit

  • of the twenty four hours in a day, feet can swell in as much as 10%
  • shopping and fitting shoes in the malls are the major causes of a swollen feet
3. Flats aren't always the fix

  • shoes that are completely flat can lead to pain in the knees, hips and back. This can also trigger a disorder called plantar fasciitis--wherein the band of tissue on the bottom of the foot that runs from the heel to the toes becomes inflamed. 
4. The higher the heel, the greater the pressure on the ball of the foot.

  • 3-inch heel exerts 76% more pressure than a flat shoe. The perfect heel height is generally between one and two inches

source: Cebu Daily News Nov. 5, 2012. page 14 Sec. Life!


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