Birthday wish

Birthday wish

A pre-birthday post for my blog! Here is a list of things I wish to have for my birthday this year. And hopefully it will come true :>

1. Denim polo button down because I was imagining of a denim on denim outfit post ♥
2. Acid Wash skinny jeans because I always wanted to have one ever since!
3. A body fit corset; I just can't find the perfect one though or if I found one it is too expensive ( it would be best if someone buys this for me *wink* *cute puppy eyes*)
4. A racer front bodycon dress. Just a spare killer outfit for my soon to be perfectly toned body (lol!)
5. A decent handbag that is both fashionable and functional; any brand will do as long as it is long standing
6. A sneaker wedge; oh I've been dying to wear heels again but then it is too impossible for a school like ours that is so mountainous with strict guards. ugh And sneaker wedges are the perfect solution for such dilemma
7. A beige strappy heels. Hint: I've seen one in Steve Madden :P

Can I please rent a genie who can grant my birthday wishes? 


  1. great selects for your birthday! x

  2. I love everything in your list.
    Who doesn't want an YSL bag?! Also the heels are fabulous!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  3. happy birthday! :)


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