My inspiration for this look is a day to night androgynous outfit. If you live a busy life, it is very important that you dress smartly and the same time comfortably. This outfit basically screams BASIC. I mean look at those collared long sleeves and oxblood leather shorts, they are just the comfiest outfit yet for anyone who travels from one place to another. And of course, you want to dress up without being too chic and laid back especially when you are meeting a lot of people. This look is best for casual meetings and errands. Pairing the blouse and shorts with a gold lace-up heels is perfect for those who want to wear heels even on daily basis; the height is not too high, it will make you look at least a few inches taller. And I found this bag from Topshop, which is by the way very affordable but has the look of that expensive Celine luggage tote. Don't you agree?

Personally this outfit, explains my frustrating mood today. It's as bipolar as I am but bipolar as I can be, at least I am one stylish bipolar. lol :))))))


  1. nice post!!! I love that topshop bag so much <333


  2. Totally in love with the bag, the burgundy is a fabulous colour also.


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