Maxi Love

Max up the night with maxi dresses! I decided to do my take on maxi dresses because I've been obsessing on it these days. I never loved the idea of it at first but seeing these really stylish prints and designs made me change my mind. The thing about maxis though is that you can take it from day to night with making ample changes on your make up and shoes, you can definitely go along way. And what makes it super is that it is just so carefree and you don't have to move consciously to watch out for any peeping toms! 

Watercolor hues are my favorite! The careless splash of colors into the material makes it so youthful and vibrant and always reminds you of summer. Don't we all love summer?

Nudes are the perfect laid back color I must say. If you are not feeling up for dressing, donning on a floor length beige maxi dress and some flats can serve you without looking so under dressed for any occasion. As for me, I call it my default outfit whenever I am in doubt of what I should wear everytime I go out.

 And here is my all-time favorite. the pastels! Don't you just love the way these soft colors play on any skin tone? They never fail to show off the feminine in you. Maxi dresses in soft pink or lavender palette is for the kill, I can tell you enough how much I am in love with that.

Well whatever is that, I am all up for maxi dress hoarding if ever I will these designs in the mall. However, since our malls are in limited stocks or they don't sell these or if they do I must be too late for not noticing these on displays. But I think if you ever plan on wearing or buying a maxi dress, I suggest you have it tailored so that you can adjust it and have it customized the way you like it. If given the chance, I'd have all these designs printed and rush to the nearest designer and ask if they can sew this for me :D Outrageous but satisfying =)


  1. Beautiful post :) Love them all :) Maxi dresses are just so classy :*

  2. Maxi dresses are my favorite!!!
    You just can't go wrong. :) I like that they make you look so tall and feminine.
    Beautiful pictures girl xox

    Love from Canada.


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