The Curtain Call

 Revisiting that old flame called fairy tales. I mean, that is what Disney has always been about--- classic love and happy endings. Imagine if you get to re-do some of these classic love stories in the local scene..that surely would make your heart skip a beat! Last September 5 and 6, 2014, the University of San Carlos held its major production for this year called Facets of Love: A Walt Disney Collection. And well, I got to witness first hand the love between Cinderella and Prince Charming, Aurora and Prince Philip, Ariel and Eric, Aladdin and Jasmine, Belle and Beast, Mulan, Ana and Elsa and even Simba and Lala. It was such a magical night that you couldn't help to reminisce your own love story.

This production is a first for the school after so long, and I couldn't be anymore happier to be tapped by our former department chair to host such big event. When she called me one saturday night if it was okay for me to host the play, I readily said "yes" of course..I mean who doesn't want to do something as big as this, right?

 So, there I was, together with my partner, being the nuisance that we are to talk and criticize the different stories and of course inculcate lessons to the audience who were watching. We, basically made comments on the characters and of course add our own witty remarks to it to keep the show entertaining. I know my hosting skills are still to be honed, but the trust and confidence given to me by the director is overwhelming. Of course, it made me want to do my best everytime I throw my lines and go out on stage. Despite not being the major cast, but I really love the job that I had.

 For the two days, that we have been presenting, I really prepared my outfit. I wouldn't want to be left behind by all the beautiful princesses and their gowns.  So, I chose to wear a lacey high-low dress which is simple but classy. Yes, the speak and style signature look---simple and classy! :) I love the whole ensemble because it is minimalist but still goes with the trend. My make-up also was wonderfully done (thanks to the CAFA beauties who did it for me ♥).

On the sidelines

Here is a photo of Juanita and I after the last curtain call. And well, it is imperative that we have this photo because she is just like the few people whom I know in the entire production. We came from the same department and well, DOLL Reprezent! :P 

 Caught up with my fellow bookworm back when I was still in grade school. But still couldn't beat her though after all the thousands of books she has read! :D

My family who went and watched the play to show their support. My mom was actually fangirling when she saw me come out of nowhere. haha! ssshhh...don't tell her that! :P

My love for my invisible readers is infinite, that is why I opted to post this totally private photos between me and Mike because this is just a glimpse on how crazy we are backstage! I've earned a new friend and a chat buddy, he got wonderful humor too! haha. Non-stop laugh with this one :D

PS--now, my blog has its reason for existence. When you say speakandstyle, it would now be referred to my journey to being a renowned speaker and the fashion I don on everytime I speak ;)
Outift: South Shores
Shoes: Janilyn


  1. WOW! Biliba nako sa ako partner oy.



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