Academic Adventure

Hola! Third day in Hong Kong and we are down to business. The primary reason why we went Hong Kong was to visit the different schools that could probably offer us scholarships if ever we decided to take a Master's Degree in Linguistics. And well, being in a competitive world, the best way to level up our game is to equip ourselves with international education and training. There are still many countries and universities to be explored but we made Hong Kong the first on our list.

 The first university that we visited was the City University of Hong Kong. It was a long walk from the main street more or less twenty minutes and well, so much for a morning exercise. We were walking in an endless road and we thought we were lost because nothing in the place seem to look like a school. Though we have seen a number of small schools along the way but never did it cross our minds that we have entered the portal of CUHK already. It was only when we stopped at a cafe that we start to notice huge buildings around us, luxury cars passing by and a lot of teenagers walking and realized that we are already in CUHK. 

This is the way to the Humanities building and this thing welcomed much for celebrating the Chinese New Year! Hahaha!

We entered the Humanities building and I, personally, was left in awe. To see a bookshop inside the building is one but to discover that the whole building looks like those in movies-- fully furnished, centralized airconditioning system, escalators and elevators and all sorts of modern pieces amazed me. I am studying in a famous and one of the best universities here in the Philippines but none of our buildings look even just a tip of the school building here in CUHK. When we stepped inside and looked around our faces looks like we have just seen a real school! Hahaha.

We went inside the Linguistics department hoping to be able to talk to some professors and tell us something about their Linguistics program and inquire about their Masters' degree but sadly they were all in a meeting and could not meet us. Nevertheless, I really loved their department because it was cozy and modern. 

Since it was still early, we headed to Victoria Peak which is another 30-minute drive from CUHK. We rode a train, a double decker and a superfast shuttle on our way to the peak. I wonder why the drivers in Hong Kong drive so fast? It makes me want to puke everytime I get off the bus. Ugh.

But the view from the top was worth it. And sorry for the constipated looks because all of us were not feeling well since we just got off the bus who did a fast and furious kind of ride on the way to the peak. Driver, I think I just lost 10 years of my life by your kind of driving >.<

We went strolling by the mountain side and we were surprised by how the fog covered the buildings below the peak. Imagine how far we are from the city just by looking at how the small the buildings from our point of view. 

The second university that we visited was the Hong Kong University. It is one of the best universities in Asia when it comes to research.We wanted to get to know about their master's program and research progams in Linguistics and the raison d'etre.

Just a little trivia, I did not know HKU was located somewhere in the middle of a tall building. It was only when I peaked through windows of the building that I realized we were situated above the ground LOL.

We went to see the professors in Linguistics who were experts in the field of Phonology who is Professor Diana Archangeli, Morphology and Syntax who is Professor Cathyrn Donohue and the famous researcher Dr. Kofi Yakpo. They have already published several papers in their fields and presented in international conventions. Heaven help me for I am starstruck. It was as if I was in Linguistic haven and talking to Linguistic gods. Isn't it just amazing that you get to talk to people who speak the same language like you do and share the same passion for Linguistics. When you get to meet people who actually understand what Linguistic is and not ask you what the heck is that program.  These professors showed us the beauty of studying a language; their structure and all. 

And so that ends the short trip and academic adventure of moi and this is us in our pre-departure faces as we checked-in our luggage before boarding the plane. 

See you all in my next trip! 


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