Just Dropping By

Hear ye! Hear ye! The phantom blogger is back. Well, not really. I know I have been in such long hiatus from updating this blog of mine. I missed writing and I missed promoting my blog. I don't know what craziness came into my mind that I decided to cut off my updates just because I want to focus more on my schoolwork. But during those months, trust me I felt like a big part of me is missing. Probably, this blog has already been embedded in my soul that taking it out from my system is dangerous. But fret no more, my dear readers because I have a surprise for you! :p

For starters, I want to tell you in advance about my upcoming travel post (still have to edit the photos though) and well, just wait for it. Second, I will be graduating this March and I cannot wait to tell you more good news by then. Third, my blog will be reconstructed soon, so I will have to bid a temporary goodbye to you all. But I will be back with a much better interface and higher quality of blog posts! As of now, please bear with my lame post because I am still yet to learn the rules of blogging even though I have been blogging for years already!

I am just dropping by to inform you that I still am breathing but hardly coping. Life is just too much for me these days. But, I will get through this soon :) Wish me a lot of luck ;> 



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