Someone New

"Love with every stranger, the stranger the better."| hozier

It was one Friday afternoon that I decided to cut my long and wavy  hair. It was not a Eureka moment  because I have planned on cutting it since then. If you ask me why? Beyonce did it. Emma Roberts did it. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did it. And for the love of Hozier, yes I did it. Well not exactly, part of the reason why I did such thing because my idols did it. Yeah, I just did it for the trend. Nah, just kidding

Many people believe that when a girl cuts her hair or changes her hairstyle, she is going through something dramatic in her life and wants to forget it. But I am not exactly going through something dramatic or heartbreaking but I am going through a major self reinvention. Okay, so I sound like I am a scientist doing some experiment. But no really, in my pursuit of becoming the best that I can be I reckoned that I should change some old and bad habits. 

I badly need this change because I am a big dreamer. I have so many goals to achieve and there are some aspects in myself that needs adjusting in order for me to be fit to achieve my goals. Maybe a change of hair for me means this time I will be bolder in reaching for my goals. Becoming a risk taker and daring to do the extraordinary for my dreams. My short hair means that I am ready to take the world one day at a time. This time, there will be no more holding back and this time I will be fearless no matter what challenges come my way. This is my way of launching my self to the world and telling them that 'hey, a girl from this small town called Cebu is going to be legendary'. lol. So much for quoting How I met Your Mother. hahaha! 

 Finally, in my endeavor to become the best I can be. I want to make it a habit to be always on top of my game at anything that I do. This time it is not more about the ambition and the cash but it is more on self-fulfillment. I crave for success and that is exactly what I am going to do. A virtual affirmation is needed for me because this will serve as a reminder that I should not slack off. Failing is inevitable but that is not the dead end but just a road block. 

Now I wonder since when did my blog become an inspirational one? :p hahaha 


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