Grown up Christmas

Hola! December has arrived and we all know what that is PARTY TIME!! And I just had the chance to take a break from reading last Sunday when my mom brought me to the Christmas party of the networking company she is part of. So with such short notice, I have not prepared a good outfit fit for the occasion and so I scrambled my closet to find a Christmas-y ensemble. 

Max GXL party was held at the BIG Hotel, a new building just near Parkmall. The hotel was quite impressive because they were able to make the place look spacious despite being located in the heart of the city. they even managed to create a small veranda with a view on the second floor. And the food? Really delicious. I mean, I do not know about you but when you are hungry and you have not eaten for a long time (talk about diet), the sight of a lechon, lasagna, chicken shepherd pie and everything on the table is like a feast already. I had two rounds though (which explains why I look bloated in photos) haha!

To share with you more about the essence of the party, I would like to point out the importance of investment and business. Networking may seem a bad thing for most people today, but if you network in the right way it can be both beneficial to you and your client. I chose to attend this party because  I want to be inspired,  I want to change my life and yes I admit,  I want to be rich. This event made me reflect on myself that if I stay in my comfort zone then the results will be the same: you are always on the safe side. But if you take chances, if you put yourself out there and allow yourself to make mistakes, to fail and to be a beginner at everything, change is going to happen. 

This is for the first grown up Christmas I have experienced ever since basic education ended. It gives you the prologue of the adult world-- and it is not easy.

But, off the topic, I just want to compliment the #Revlon lipstick I wore that night which did not wear off. I ate and I drank a lot but the color is still there..hmmm switching brands now, I guess? hahaha
and kudos to my YSL inspired heels..I lurv you shooessiess ♥

HMUA: meself | dress and skirt: custom tailored| bag: nine west| lippy: Revlon (plum) and Juicy Couture


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