Time and Tide | November Issue

Hello there! How are you? It has been a long time since I posted a new entry on the blog. I just have no time yet to create good blog entries to share. However, I have here raw photos on some of my "small" adventures in the past few weeks. They are not much but they are my definition of "simple" joys.

Keep scrolling and have fun reading :D

Beach in November

Last weekend (see: nov.26-27), my friend and I went up north for a quick weekend getaway. She was celebrating her birthday on a resort--it is called "The North Sky" and the place was great but not super "wow" kind of great. If you are looking for a short time out of the city, this could be the perfect place for you. It is probably a two-hour drive or so from Cebu. 

Romance Revisited with Jose Marie Chan

Last November 30- Jose Marie Chan had a concert at Waterfront Cebu to celebrate his 50th year in the music industry. With that I was expecting to hear all his timeless love songs that never fail to touch my heart. When it comes to music I really prefer the old ones. In my play list you will find the complete album of Air Supply, England Dan and John Ford Coley, America, Bee Gees, Peter Cetera and all other singers from 70's to 90's. However, when it comes to Filipino music, no one can ever go wrong with the Music of Jose Marie Chan. 

I have been hearing the songs of Jose Marie Chan since I was a child. My mum would play Christmas in our hearts and Wish upon a Christmas night on repeat every December. As I grow older, I get to listen to some of his love songs which later on I learned were all written for his wife.

During the concert JMC, told us how he first met his wife and thus that is what made him write his songs about first meeting like : Afraid for love to fade, Beautiful Girl, Tell Me your Name. When his wife/ex girlfriend left for Japan on a mission, they exchanged letters and in the middle of missing her, it prompted him to write his beautiful song entitled: Refrain. Twenty-five years later, during their anniversary, he wrote another song for his wife as a gift and it is called Thank You, Love. Imagine, how lucky his wife is.

I am not a sucker for love and relationships but if someone like JMC will write a song for you filled with poetry and metaphors, I mean who would not get kilig with  that? During the concert,  I have seen how devoted he is to his wife nad how he loves her dearly. I think that is what you call true, genuine and authentic love and not the fastfood kind of love that you all have today. (haha. sarcastic mode)  He also had his two sons sing with him on stage and shout out to JOE! hahahahaa. #crushalert #hesingslikepaulmccartney

Well, I guess this is all for my blog post today! That was a brief summary of the exciting things that happened to me recently. See you on my next post! :)


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