Quick Southern Getaway

Last Labor Day Weekend, we had an impromptu out of town trip to Alcoy with the family. We needed a break from stress, school and work and nothing can do that better than the beach. We spent a night at the Manawa Beach Resort. I must say that this quaint resort has the complete amenities any tourist would need.

If you like a spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned room, they just have the perfect rooms for you. Moreover, if you want to have a perfect view of the sunset and the sunrise, their man-made cliff will give you the best spot. All these at a very comfortable price!

Early morning by the beach is one of the many moments you should experience at least once in your life. While waiting for high tide and watching the sunrise, nothing is more soothing than hearing the sound of the waves crashing to the shores. By just the sound of it, your brain involuntarily lets go of your stress and anger you had in the past week.

Before we ended our trip in Alcoy, we made sure to stop by Tingko Beach. It is the famous public white sand beach in Alcoy. Indeed, the sand and the water is captivating. But its beauty has been ruined because there were too many people. The cottages were placed anywhere, trashes were just thrown on the sand and there was even a sari-sari stored placed just inches before the beach. I feel sad for the environment :(

That impromptu beach weekend just made me realize the need of breathing once in a while. My life is as busy as the bee. I teach in the morning, do an extracurricular activity before going home and finally write few articles before going to sleep. This mundane routine has taken its toll to me. The beach and the view really helped me relax and enjoy life once in a while.


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